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Oh! What a subject.

Oxford Dictionary defines editing as follows:
1.a. Assemble, prepare, or modify (written material especially the work of another or others) for publication. b. Prepare an edition of (an author's work).
2. Be in charge of the content and arrangement of (newspaper, journal, etc.)
3. Take extracts from and collate (films, tape recordings, etc.) to form a unified sequence..
4.a. Prepare (data) for processing by a computer. b. Alter (a text entered in a word processor etc.)
5.a. Reword or correct, or alter the emphasis. b. (following by out) remove (part) from a text etc.

Taking into consideration all of the above, we have been doing it for over three decades, in two languages, three countries on three continents, and multiple subject matters. From computer systems to education, from art to philosophy, from writings of all types to creative writing, in the private and the public sectors.

Editing for us, is a way of improving communication, and coming across more accurately thus, we may be better understood, and here lies the importance. By loving Humanity, as we do, we aim to help out (as much as possible) in bridging across people, whether in singulars or multitudes.

What a better way to bring goodness forth and help our fellow man.

Yes, of course, some editing is done in order to sell you products that you are not sure about, but here comes the most important tool that we have namely, the power of choice - we may choose those products that will improve your lives and be also good for our mother Earth.

We do provide editing to different types of works, as we find life interesting, in all its aspects. This is also the reason for our special way of charging for our work - by quarter of an hour (15 minutes) units, and we do not have a basic first hour charge.

Our Hand at Work

Please feel free to call us for estimates, whatever is the size of work.

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