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Writings: Poetry, Prose & Other...

Airé Libré Publishing & Computing Ltd. and its owner were involved in writing & publishing for over three decades, as mentioned in the Editing section of this web site.

Many of the past writing projects were for private usage of people or corporations and thus, not available to the public. Some writings are part of educational programs and thus, are only seen by the users of these programs.

On the other hand, we are also busy with projects that are designated for public access, some of which are already published and available for purchase, either directly from us, or from,,, Barnes &, and other Internet distributors, both in print & eBook formats.

The following are the available publications:

A Tip of an Iceberg Meditations Series:

Unveil From All The Coats - Sing Your Heart
Part V of A Tip of an Iceberg Meditations Series:

 Unveil From All The Coats - Sing Your Heart by Torry Fountinhead

Consider This:

“Denying your Authentic Self
significance, and taking on false
identities, is like denying your

Torry Fountinhead

“What if you have taken upon yourself burdens heavy as thick coats, but you are in a tropical zone of existence?”


For It Is The Mind That Makes The Body Rich -
Part IV of A Tip of an Iceberg Meditations Series:

 For It Is The Mind That Makes The Body Rich by Torry Fountinhead

"What would it have been, if not for our minds?

The Mind – our creative abilities are affected by it, and our mind-set is the indicator of where we are.
Our consciousness’s tool is our mind, so how important is it, what we hold in it?"


The Life The Heart Sprouts -
Part III of A Tip of an Iceberg Meditations Series:

 The Life The Heart Sprouts by Torry Fountinhead

"How hidden, yet revealed daily,
is the wisdom of the ages." TF.

"Keep thy heart with all diligence..."
Now from Proverbs 4 verses 20-27
A look that might developed further, but sometimes – keeping it short may create a far greater engagement with you, the reader, than spelling it all out."


Momentary Thoughts -
Part II of A Tip of an Iceberg Meditations Series:

 Momentary Thoughts by Torry Fountinhead

"How hidden, yet revealed daily,
is the wisdom of the ages. TF.

Essays may be developed, but sometimes – keeping it short may create a far greater engagement with you, the reader, than spelling it all out."


Is Forgiving a Riddle? -
Part I of A Tip of an Iceberg Meditations Series:

 Is Forgiving a Riddle? by Torry Fountinhead

"Forgiveness is such a ‘tender’ gift that I wish, one and all, would recognize that it’s already installed within themselves. They may use it immediately, and in every subsequent moment – for the rest of their lives.
In actuality, it’s part of our survival mechanism, which allows us to move forward, in a flow rather than in a daze."


The Contemplations Series:

Reach The Fountain Of Youth -
Part III of The Contemplation Series

 Reach The Fountain Of Youth by Torry Fountinhead

"People, both young and old, simple and experts, throughout the centuries, were seeking The Fountain of Youth not wanting to accept, what seemed to be, the destiny of each one. Legends were created, but no answer at hand. What if we have had the answer in the palm of our hands - ALL THE TIME."


The Soul's Openner -
Part II of The Contemplation Series

 The Soul's Openner by Torry Fountinhead

"The tale about the soul is a tale about the invisible; revealing that which cannot be touched and thus, told through numerous tales, all of which are attestation to the glimpses of it, not always seen with our naked eyes. A tale may lead to another, or stand on its own. It is like meeting your beloved briefly, only to let go and want to be together once more..."


The Beauty -
Part I of The Contemplation Series

 The Beauty by Torry Fountinhead

"...The beauty is the expression of love and the proof of giving, and blessed they be that can recognize it. Have you witnessed a face glowing with elation, high in the discovery? You have seen the beauty then, of the soul that has just seen the light and touch of God – strong in the conviction of its rightness..."

The Beauty is a sort of a poem, part of the Contemplation Series, available in a Plaque form, ready to display - with or without mounting and/or framing, to inspire you every time you pass by it.

The Essential Companion Series:

The 7 Pillars Your Authentic Self Stands On -
Part I of The Essential Companion Series

 The 7 Pillars Your Authentic Self Stands On by Torry Fountinhead

Every Human-Being's Life is based on a strong foundation.
We identify 7 Pillars as the major points of strength.

The Essential Companion is your key to these 7 Pillars and understanding them.
It also gives you 7 Tools to use in your life,
so you may consciously rely upon the 7 Pillars with ease, Read More...

The Ole' Man Wisdom Series:

The Ole' Man 'n The Horses, Looking into the horse's heart - Part I of The Ole' Man Wisdom Series

 The Ole' Man 'n The horses by Robert J. McLardie

This book is available both in Print and e-Book formats. Get your Copy...

A beautiful weaving of old age wisdom and knowledge within the circle of Truth. Reaching out magically to touch a young heart willing to learn.Read More...


Most of the published poetry has been published in singularities, for example:

 Forever Spoken, a collection

A collection of poems by number of poets, one of which is "Good Enough" by our Torry.

Another example is the collection of Ho'Oponopono poems written by Torry and displayed in the following web sites:

 Forever Spoken, a collection

A collection of poems written by Torry for the Ho'Oponopono statements of healing. These may be accessed via the following web sites:

We are still writing and developing the following:

The Ole' Man Wisdom Series:

 Following The Trail - a Journal by Robert J. McLardie

A collection of short real life horse stories, from over three decades of breeding, raising and training horses. It will put you in touch with the heart of the experience, one of which you may read right here: The Tale of Two Laddies.

 His Wisdom Lives On by Robert J. McLardie

The Ole' Man' s Wisdom book elaborates on the Circles of Influence within the Circle of Truth & Knowledge.

The Cornerstone Approach Series:

The Cornerstone Approach

 The Cornerstone Approach by Robert J. McLardie

It's a book about riding and living to the fullest. Searching for excellence, in trying to aspire to become all that we can be. To try to understand more fully, more completely than ever before. To become totally aware of the complete horse, or anything else we look at, feel or hear. Its about raising yourself to a higher conscious level of thinking and awareness in riding and living.

If you are in a place and time in your life ready to be receptive to a new way, a different and wholesome holistic approach to achieve new desired result then - This is a book for you.

Be ready for a paradigm shift, a quantum leap.

A year from now you may not believe the difference in yourself or your horse.

The Cornerstone Approach Series - The Guide

Within the covers of this book, there is information for a new generation of horse lovers, or present ones, who are seeking new ways and growth both within their horse and in their personal lives. Understanding that there are inseparable.

It is not about any particular style, school or discipline. It is more about the rider and the horse having the combined skills, ability, knowledge, discipline and desire, to control their combined mind, spirit and body to a greater degree of refinement. I do not want to label it English, Western or Dressage, as labels can keep you inside the box.

If you want to ride outside of the box, try The Cornerstone Approach - The Guide to an holistic, synergistic and effective riding program.

The Guide will accompany practical training sessions in coming seminars and clinics. Robert is available to also conduct privately arranged clinics.

The Rainbow Of Life"s Secrets Series:

Shush! It's a Secret The Lake Hides His Dummy,
Part I of The Rainbow of Life's Secrets Series

 Shush! It's a Secret The Lake Hides His Dummy, by Torry Fountinhead

"A true story, a milestone in a life of a growing boy, letting go of the dearest attachment he had – his soother – his dummy.
With a loving creativity of his mother, they found a way that pleased them all, and set the boy up on his adventure.
Who says Life has to be grim?
Life is a gift, and everything in it can be shown to be the same."


Life, The Amazing Story,
Part II of The Rainbow of Life's Secrets Series


This children's book is for children of all ages, as Life said:

"Life awoken feeling the excitement
Of so much to do and so much to learn
Evolve to be a dream-come-true
To have a worthwhile story..."

Life might be a riddle, yet, it can be magnificent.


Seven (or more) Children Books touching upon the most important subjects in Life.

The Contemplations Series:

Contemplating about Life, Philosophy Books.

Circles of Influence Series:

Circles of Influence Series is a fascinating way of understanding life, like a flower and its petals and heart, we are too unfold.

The Essential Companion Series

Contemplating about Life, Philosophy Books & Tools.

There are some more in the works, but it is best kept hidden for now.

The Dove of Peace